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B Davis – Westminster

I was involved in the mortgage biz for over 20 years and am HIGHLY skeptical of all realtors but when it came time to sell my Mothers home after her passing I was unnerved as well. I interviewed two other useless realtors (or should I say listing agents) and then Melinda walked into my life. I have NEVER, EVER, run into a more professional team as well as compassionate group of people in my entire life. We referred to Moms home as “Pandora’s Box” as every turn had a surprise waiting for us. Melinda or her team handled each problem as if it was the most interesting thing they had ever seen and in no time at all each “challenge” was solved perfectly. When all was done I have no problems recommending Melinda to anyone for any transaction. Prior to meeting her, I would tell friends to try to do it by FSBO and use a good escrow company but now I simply hand someone Melinda’s card or phone number and I absolutely know, without a doubt the person I refer will be treated honestly and respectfully each and every time.